Our Story


Belvedere came about due to the owner’s interest in architecture and design. Going back to the 1970s Paul was looking at a career as an architect but was waylaid by the increasing growth in IT. After twenty years in IT the original yearning started to make itself felt once again. This resulted in the setting up of a development company in 2000 and subsequent building of residential properties.

This in turn revived the love of the interiors side of design. In 2007 Paul opened his first art gallery, to get a taste for the industry. This was swiftly followed by an “And So To Bed” franchise which included art and became one of the top ASTB shops in its first trading year. Fast forward to 2020 and Belvedere Interiors is the latest addition to the family. Belvedere’s first branch is based in Bradmoor Farm, Haddenham. We sell the full Hulsta range of furniture, Swyft sofa and bed range along with contemporary art and we will expand the offering over the next year or so.


When buying art, people look for something unique that speaks directly to them, but when you go to the gallery in the next town and find the same piece, or see it hanging in someone else's home, the special element disappears. Belvedere is a refreshing change from other high street galleries that tend to sell mostly limited editions.

—Paul, Owner Belvedere Interiors

To view some of our vast art collection and to get your unique piece visit our gallery site


As luxury furniture retailers we specialise in residential, high end, luxury interiors and property. We offer both personal and trade accounts, and our services range from supplying a single item of furniture to full project management, new build and property development.

Our team at Belvedere Interiors are customer-focused and understands that each customer has an individual requirement but need a high level of service, with varying styles and often a mix of traditional and modern furniture and styles. A warm welcome is apparent when visiting Belvedere Interiors in Haddenham. We always ensure that customers are greeted graciously on arrival at our showroom, where they are free to browse for inspiration or ideas and rely on our highly qualified designers for inspiration

We offer a glamorous Haddenham showroom in Bradmoor Farm, open 6 days a week. We assure client confidentiality with discreet first-class customer service. Interior designers, architects and private clients are welcome to visit our showroom to consult with their own clients in Haddenham.

Our amazing collection of furniture, home accessories and gifts means there is something for everyone. Whatever you need, our dedicated, professional specialists are on hand, to help with any product advice, service questions or queries. We also offer hülsta interior design advice to help you create a home that will suit your individual requirements without having to move furniture around. Whether you are in the process of moving house or updating your current home, our interior designers are happy to help you make the very best use of your space.